The Squat mainly trains the thighs. It also increases the ability of upper body support.

The Squat has many variations. There are back squat, front squat, overhead squat, etc. Usually the Back Squat is simply called the Squat. The Squat in powerlifting is a back squat below parallel, i.e. the hip joints must be lower than the knee joints.

To perform a back squat, the barbell is placed across the shoulders behind the head with the bar gripped. The barbell is removed from the squat rack and the starting position is established. The barbell rests on the trapezius and the shoulders while keeping the back tight and arched and the chest out. By keeping the head up it naturally keeps the back straight. The stance width is all about personal preference. A common stance is slightly wider than shoulder width with toes pointed out a bit.

It is important to keep chest out, back tight, back arched and head up during the whole movement of squat. This can stabilize the upper body to support the weight and help the squat. Squatting down is to lower the body by bending knees and sitting back. The barbell vertically descends with control by the legs. When the proper depth is achieved, squat the weight up until standing upright.

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