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48kgSnatch97.5kg Nurcan TAYLANTUR2004.08.14Greece > AthensOlympic Games
48kgClean and Jerk117kgCHEN Xie XiaCHN2008.08.09China > BeijingOlympic Games
48kgTotal212kg CHEN Xie XiaCHN2008.08.09China > BeijingOlympic Games
53kgSnatch101kg LI Ya JunCHN2016.08.07Brazil > Rio de JaneiroOlympic Games
53kgClean and Jerk126kg Jaroenrattanatarakoon PRAPAWADEETHA2008.08.10China > BeijingOlympic Games
53kgTotal225kg YANG XiaCHN2000.09.18Australia > SydneyOlympic Games
58kgSnatch110kg Sukanya SRISURATTHA2016.08.08Brazil > Rio de JaneiroOlympic Games
58kgClean and Jerk138kgCHEN Yan QingCHN2008.08.11China > BeijingOlympic Games
58kgTotal246kgLI Xue YingCHN2012.07.30Great Britain > LondonOlympic Games
63kgSnatch115kg Hanna BATSIUSHKABLR2004.08.18Greece > AthensOlympic Games
63kgClean and Jerk147kg DENG WeiCHN2016.08.09Brazil > Rio de JaneiroOlympic Games
63kgTotal262kg DENG WeiCHN2016.08.09Brazil > Rio de JaneiroOlympic Games
69kgSnatch128kgLIU Chun HongCHN2008.08.13China > BeijingOlympic Games
69kgClean and Jerk158kgLIU Chun HongCHN2008.08.13China > BeijingOlympic Games
69kgTotal286kg LIU Chun HongCHN2008.08.13China > BeijingOlympic Games
75kgSnatch128kgCAO LeiCHN2008.08.15China > BeijingOlympic Games
75kgClean and Jerk154kgCAO LeiCHN2008.08.15China > BeijingOlympic Games
75kgTotal282kg CAO LeiCHN2008.08.15China > BeijingOlympic Games
+75kgSnatch151kg Tatiana KASHIRINARUS2012.08.05Great Britain > LondonOlympic Games
+75kgClean and Jerk187kg ZHOU Lu LuCHN2012.08.05Great Britain > LondonOlympic Games
+75kgTotal333kg ZHOU Lu LuCHN2012.08.05Great Britain > LondonOlympic Games
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Weightlifting WR
Women +87kg Snatch 147kg
LI Wen Wen CHN

Weightlifting WR
Women 76kg Total 278kg
RIM Jong Sim PRK

Weightlifting WR
Women 76kg Snatch 123kg
RIM Jong Sim PRK

Weightlifting WR
Women 64kg Total 257kg

Weightlifting WR
Women 64kg Clean and Jerk 142kg

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