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56kgSnatch138kgHalil MUTLUTUR2000.09.16Australia > SydneyOlympic Games
56kgClean and Jerk170kg LONG Qing QuanCHN2016.08.07Brazil > Rio de JaneiroOlympic Games
56kgTotal307kg LONG Qing QuanCHN2016.08.07Brazil > Rio de JaneiroOlympic Games
62kgSnatch153kgKIM Un GukPRK2012.07.30Great Britain > LondonOlympic Games
62kgClean and Jerk177kg Oscar Albeiro FIGUEROA MOSQUERACOL2012.07.30Great Britain > LondonOlympic Games
62kgTotal327kg KIM Un GukPRK2012.07.30Great Britain > LondonOlympic Games
69kgSnatch165kgGeorgi MARKOVBUL2000.09.20Australia > SydneyOlympic Games
69kgClean and Jerk196.5kgGalabin BOEVSKIBUL2000.09.20Australia > SydneyOlympic Games
69kgTotal357.5kg Galabin BOEVSKIBUL2000.09.20Australia > SydneyOlympic Games
77kgSnatch177kgLU Xiao JunCHN2016.08.10Brazil > Rio de JaneiroOlympic Games
77kgClean and Jerk214kgNijat RAHIMOVKAZ2016.08.10Brazil > Rio de JaneiroOlympic Games
77kgTotal379kg LU Xiao JunCHN2012.08.01Great Britain > LondonOlympic Games
85kgSnatch180kg Georgi ASANIDZEGEO2000.09.24Australia > SydneyOlympic Games
85kgClean and Jerk217kg TIAN TaoCHN2016.08.12Brazil > Rio de JaneiroOlympic Games
85kgTotal396kg Kianoush ROSTAMIIRI2016.08.12Brazil > Rio de JaneiroOlympic Games
94kgSnatch187.5kgKouroush BAGHERIIRI2000.09.24Australia > SydneyOlympic Games
94kgClean and Jerk224kg Szymon KOLECKIPOL2008.08.17China > BeijingOlympic Games
94kgTotal407kg Milen DOBREVBUL2004.08.23Greece > AthensOlympic Games
105kgSnatch200kgAndrei ARAMNAUBLR2008.08.18China > BeijingOlympic Games
105kgClean and Jerk237kg Ruslan NURUDINOVUZB2016.08.15Brazil > Rio de JaneiroOlympic Games
105kgTotal436kg Andrei ARAMNAUBLR2008.08.18China > BeijingOlympic Games
+105kgSnatch216kgBehdad SALIMIKORDASIABIIRI2016.08.16Brazil > Rio de JaneiroOlympic Games
+105kgClean and Jerk263.5kgHossein REZAZADEHIRI2004.08.25Greece > AthensOlympic Games
+105kgTotal473kg Lasha TALAKHADZEGEO2016.08.16Brazil > Rio de JaneiroOlympic Games
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Women +87kg Snatch 147kg
LI Wen Wen CHN

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Women 76kg Total 278kg
RIM Jong Sim PRK

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Women 76kg Snatch 123kg
RIM Jong Sim PRK

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Women 64kg Total 257kg

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Women 64kg Clean and Jerk 142kg

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