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52kgSnatch120kg Sevdalin MARINOVBUL1988.09.18South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
52kgClean and Jerk150kgSevdalin MARINOVBUL1988.09.18South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
52kgTotal270kg Sevdalin MARINOVBUL1988.09.18South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
56kgSnatch132.5kgCHUN Byung KwanKOR1992.07.27Spain > BarcelonaOlympic Games
56kgClean and Jerk165kg Oxen MIRZOIANURS1988.09.19South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
56kgTotal292.5kg Oxen MIRZOIANURS1988.09.19South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
60kgSnatch152.5kgNaim SULEYMANOGLUTUR1988.09.20South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
60kgClean and Jerk190kgNaim SULEYMANOGLUTUR1988.09.20South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
60kgTotal342.5kg Naim SULEYMANOGLUTUR1988.09.20South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
67.5kgSnatch155kg Israil MILITOSYANURS1988.09.21South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
67.5kgClean and Jerk195kgYanko RUSEVBUL1980.07.23Soviet Union > MoscowOlympic Games
67.5kgTotal342.5kg Yanko RUSEVBUL1980.07.23Soviet Union > MoscowOlympic Games
75kgSnatch167.5kgBorislav GUIDIKOVBUL1988.09.22South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
75kgClean and Jerk207.5kgBorislav GUIDIKOVBUL1988.09.22South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
75kgTotal375kg Borislav GUIDIKOVBUL1988.09.22South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
82.5kgSnatch177.5kg Yuri VARDANYANURS1980.07.26Soviet Union > MoscowOlympic Games
82.5kgClean and Jerk222.5kg Yuri VARDANYANURS1980.07.26Soviet Union > MoscowOlympic Games
82.5kgTotal400kg Yuri VARDANYANURS1980.07.26Soviet Union > MoscowOlympic Games
90kgSnatch190kgSergey SYRTSOVEUN1992.08.01Spain > BarcelonaOlympic Games
90kgClean and Jerk235kgAkakios KAKIASVILISEUN1992.08.01Spain > BarcelonaOlympic Games
90kgTotal412.5kg Anatoly KHRAPATYURS1988.09.25South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
100kgSnatch190kgPavel KOUZNETSOVURS1988.09.26South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
100kgClean and Jerk235kgPavel KOUZNETSOVURS1988.09.26South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
100kgTotal425kg Pavel KOUZNETSOVURS1988.09.26South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
110kgSnatch210kgYury ZAKHAREVICHURS1988.09.27South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
110kgClean and Jerk245kgYury ZAKHAREVICHURS1988.09.27South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
110kgTotal455kgYury ZAKHAREVICHURS1988.09.27South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
+110kgSnatch212.5kgAleksandr KURLOVICHURS1988.09.29South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
+110kgClean and Jerk255kgVasily ALEXEEVURS1976.07.27Canada > MontrealOlympic Games
+110kgTotal462.5kg Aleksandr KURLOVICHURS1988.09.29South Korea > SeoulOlympic Games
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