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56kgSnatch138.5kgHalil MUTLUTUR2001.11.04Turkey > AntalyaWorld Weightlifting Championships
56kgClean and Jerk168kgHalil MUTLUTUR2001.04.24Slovakia > TrencinEuropean Weightlifting Championships
56kgTotal305kgHalil MUTLUTUR2000.09.16Australia > SydneyOlympic Games
62kgSnatch150kg Nickolay PESHALOVCRO2000.09.17Australia > SydneyOlympic Games
62kgClean and Jerk181kg Gennadi OLESCHUKBLR2001.11.05Turkey > AntalyaWorld Weightlifting Championships
62kgTotal325kg Nickolay PESHALOVCRO2000.04.26Bulgaria > SofiaEuropean Weightlifting Championships
69kgSnatch165kgGeorgi MARKOVBUL2000.09.20Australia > SydneyOlympic Games
69kgClean and Jerk196.5kg Galabin BOEVSKIBUL2000.09.20Australia > SydneyOlympic Games
69kgTotal357.5kg Galabin BOEVSKIBUL1999.11.24Greece > AthensWorld Weightlifting Championships
77kgSnatch174kg Andranik KARAPETYANARM2016.08.10Brazil > Rio de JaneiroOlympic Games
77kgClean and Jerk210kgOleg PEREPETCHENOVRUS2001.04.27Slovakia > TrencinEuropean Weightlifting Championships
77kgTotal377.5kg Plamen JELIAZKOVBUL2002.03.27
85kgSnatch187kgAndrei RYBAKOVBLR2007.09.22Thailand > ChiangmaiWorld Weightlifting Championships
85kgClean and Jerk217.5kg Zlatan VANEVBUL2002.11.23Poland > WarsawWorld Weightlifting Championships
85kgTotal394kg Andrei RYBAKOVBLR2008.08.15China > BeijingOlympic Games
94kgSnatch188kgAkakios KAKIASVILISGRE1999.11.27Greece > AthensWorld Weightlifting Championships
94kgClean and Jerk232.5kgSzymon KOLECKIPOL2000.04.29Bulgaria > SofiaEuropean Weightlifting Championships
94kgTotal412.5kg Akakios KAKIASVILISGRE1999.11.27Greece > AthensWorld Weightlifting Championships
105kgSnatch200kgAndrei ARAMNAUBLR2008.08.18China > BeijingOlympic Games
105kgClean and Jerk240kg David BEJANYANRUS2014.11.15Kazakhstan > AlmatyWorld Weightlifting Championships
105kgTotal436kg Andrei ARAMNAUBLR2008.08.18China > BeijingOlympic Games
+105kgSnatch220kgLasha TALAKHADZEGEO2017.12.05United States > AnaheimWorld Weightlifting Championships
+105kgClean and Jerk260kg Ronny WELLERGER1998.05.03Germany > RiesaEuropean Weightlifting Championships
+105kgTotal477kg Lasha TALAKHADZEGEO2017.12.05United States > AnaheimWorld Weightlifting Championships
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Latest Records

Weightlifting WR
Women +87kg Snatch 147kg
LI Wen Wen CHN

Weightlifting WR
Women 76kg Total 278kg
RIM Jong Sim PRK

Weightlifting WR
Women 76kg Snatch 123kg
RIM Jong Sim PRK

Weightlifting WR
Women 64kg Total 257kg

Weightlifting WR
Women 64kg Clean and Jerk 142kg

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