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Weightlifting World Records, Men, Senior, 1993 - 1997

54kgSnatch132.5kgHalil MUTLUTUR1996.07.20United States > AtlantaOlympic Games
54kgClean and Jerk160.5kg LAN Shi ZhangCHN1997.12.06Thailand > ChiangmaiWorld Weightlifting Championships
54kgTotal290kg Halil MUTLUTUR1994.11.18Turkey > IstanbulWorld Weightlifting Championships
59kgSnatch140kg Hafız SULEYMANOGLUTUR1995.05.03Poland > WarsawEuropean Weightlifting Championships
59kgClean and Jerk170kg Nickolay PESHALOVBUL1995.05.03Poland > WarsawEuropean Weightlifting Championships
59kgTotal307.5kg TANG Ling ShengCHN1996.07.21United States > AtlantaOlympic Games
64kgSnatch150kg WANG Guo HuaCHN1997.05.12South Korea > BusanEast Asian Games
64kgClean and Jerk187.5kgValerios LEONIDISGRE1996.07.22United States > AtlantaOlympic Games
64kgTotal335kg Naim SULEYMANOGLUTUR1996.07.22United States > AtlantaOlympic Games
70kgSnatch163kg WAN Jian HuiCHN1997.07.09China > YangzhouAsian Weightlifting Championships
70kgClean and Jerk195.5kgZHAN Xu GangCHN1997.12.09Thailand > ChiangmaiWorld Weightlifting Championships
70kgTotal357.5kg ZHAN Xu GangCHN1996.07.23United States > AtlantaOlympic Games
76kgSnatch170kg Ruslan SAVCHENKOUKR1993.11.16Australia > MelbourneWorld Weightlifting Championships
76kgClean and Jerk208kg Pablo LARACUB1996.04.20
76kgTotal372.5kg Pablo LARACUB1996.04.20
83kgSnatch180kgPyrros DIMASGRE1996.07.26United States > AtlantaOlympic Games
83kgClean and Jerk214kg ZHANG YongCHN1997.07.10China > YangzhouAsian Weightlifting Championships
83kgTotal392.5kg Pyrros DIMASGRE1996.07.26United States > AtlantaOlympic Games
91kgSnatch187.5kg Aleksey PETROVRUS1996.07.27United States > AtlantaOlympic Games
91kgClean and Jerk228.5kg Akakios KAKIASVILISGRE1995.05.06Poland > WarsawEuropean Weightlifting Championships
91kgTotal412.5kg Aleksey PETROVRUS1994.05.07Czech Republic > SokolovEuropean Weightlifting Championships
99kgSnatch192.5kgSergey SYRTSOVRUS1994.11.25Turkey > IstanbulWorld Weightlifting Championships
99kgClean and Jerk235kgAkakios KAKIASVILISGRE1996.07.28United States > AtlantaOlympic Games
99kgTotal420kg Akakios KAKIASVILISGRE1996.07.28United States > AtlantaOlympic Games
108kgSnatch200kg Timur TAYMAZOVUKR1994.11.26Turkey > IstanbulWorld Weightlifting Championships
108kgClean and Jerk236kgTimur TAYMAZOVUKR1996.07.29United States > AtlantaOlympic Games
108kgTotal435kg Timur TAYMAZOVUKR1994.11.26Turkey > IstanbulWorld Weightlifting Championships
+108kgSnatch205kg Aleksandr KURLOVICHBLR1994.11.27Turkey > IstanbulWorld Weightlifting Championships
+108kgClean and Jerk262.5kgAndrei CHEMERKINRUS1997.12.14Thailand > ChiangmaiWorld Weightlifting Championships
+108kgTotal462.5kg Andrei CHEMERKINRUS1997.12.14Thailand > ChiangmaiWorld Weightlifting Championships
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