Overview of Powerlifting

Among all the weight training excercises three of them are selected to form the sport of powerlifting. They are the Squat, the Bench Press and the Deadlift. These three disciplines are always the important means of basic strength training to develop absolute strength, which improve the performance of athletes of various sports. Powerlifting not only develops muscle strength but also increases bone density, which makes people stronger.

Powerlifting appeared in the mid twentieth century. Competitions are organized by different bodyweight categories. The first World Powerlifting Championships was held for the men in the 1970s. In the 1980s women's categories were added. Powerlifting has been a sporting event of the World Games. The men's categories appeared in the first World Games in the United States in 1981 and the women's appeared in the third World Games in West Germany in 1989.

Powerlifting is also a sport for lower body disabled persons, that the Bench Press is the only lift. In fact, the disabled athletes competed in bench-pressing in the second Paralympic Games in Tokyo of Japan in 1964. Nevertheless, the event was called Weightlifting. Women's powerlifting had its first Paralympic appearance in Sydney in 2000.

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25th European Bench Press Championships (2019.10.16 - 10.19) FIN

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18th Hong Kong Bench Press Championships (2019.10.19) HKG

4th Hong Kong Classic Bench Press Championships (2019.10.19) HKG

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Men 67kg Snatch 155kg

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Women 49kg Snatch 95kg

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Women +87kg Snatch 147kg
LI Wen Wen CHN

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Women 76kg Total 278kg
RIM Jong Sim PRK

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