Powerlifting Barbell

Barbell has three parts: bar, discs and collars. Barbell weight can be changed by adding or removing the discs.

Powerlifting bar weighs 20kg.

Discs have different colours for easy identification of weights.

25kg 20kg 15kg 10kg 5kg

2.5kg 1.25kg 0.5kg 0.25kg

Collars are used to keep the discs in position on the bar to prevent them from unloading accidentally. Each collar weighs 2.5kg.

Squat Rack and Bench Rack

Squat and bench rack combo is designed for the Squat and the Bench Press. The bench can be disassembled and the rack becomes a squat rack. The rack height is adjustable to different heights and different arm lengths for the lifters. There are also safety racks to reduce the accidents from failed attempts. Besides, there are bench racks for the disabled. The main part of the bench is wider. The lower body of a disabled lifter can be tied on the bench with a strap for stabilization.

Squat and Bench Rack Combo Bench Rack for the disabled


Competition platform are measured between 2.5 meters minimum and 4 meters maximum on each side. The surface of the platform must be flat and level and covered with a material of non-slip smooth carpet. Rubber matting is not permitted.


Chalk (magnesium carbonate) can increase the friction between hands and barbell to help the grip.

Squat Shoes

Basically, any shoes which the soles are flat and are not highly compressed under high pressure are suitable for squatting. Running shoes are not suitable and the shock aborption provided is not good for squatting because the soles can be highly compressed under high pressure. Weightlifting shoes is good for squatting. The soles are made of wood or compressed rubber. The feet can be kept firmly on the ground when lifting heavy and the foundation of lifts are more stable. The raised heels are designed for deep and stable squat. For those who lack of ankle flexibility, the raised heels really help.


Belt can be worn to protect the back from getting hurt.

Wrist Wraps and Knee Wraps

Wrist wraps and knee wraps are elastic. They are wrapped around the joints to protect from getting hurt.

Squat Suit, Bench Shirt and Deadlift Suit

They are made of materials with high tensile strength and they are tight. The materials are tensed during lifting. They can remove some stress at the joints and they help the lifts too. But they also place stress on a lifter's body. It is not comfortable.

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