IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships

1st IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships1983.12.17 - 12.18United States > Miami
2nd IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships1984.09.20 - 09.22Australia > Perth
3rd IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships1985.09.20 - 09.22West Germany > Soest
4th IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships1986.09.11 - 09.13India > Cochin
5th IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships1987.09.17 - 09.20Peru > Lima
6th IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships1988.09.07 - 09.11Luxembourg
7th IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships1989.09.14 - 09.17Sweden > Nässjö
8th IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships1990.09.20 - 09.23Norway > Steinkjer
9th IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships1991.09.05 - 09.08Côte d'Ivoire > Abidjan
10th IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships1992.09.03 - 09.08Australia > Sydney
11th IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships1993.10.29 - 10.31Canada > Hamilton
12th IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships1994.06.18 - 06.22Indonesia > Denpasar
13th IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships1995.07.23 - 07.25India > New Delhi
14th IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships1996.08.07 - 08.10Finland > Vaasa
15th IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships1997.09.12 - 09.14Slovakia > Bratislava
16th IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships1998.10.21 - 10.25Hungary > Gyoer
17th IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships1999.10.05 - 10.09Czech Republic > Nymburk
18th IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships2000.09.13 - 09.17Taiwan > Chiayi
19th IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships2001.09.11 - 09.16Bulgaria > Sofia
1st Sub-Junior IPF World Powerlifting Championships2001.09.16Russia > Sochi
20th IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships2002.09.10 - 09.15Russia > Sochi
2nd Sub-Junior IPF World Powerlifting Championships2002.09.25 - 09.29Taiwan > Chiayi
21st IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships2003.09.09 - 09.14Poland > Koscian
3rd Sub-Junior IPF World Powerlifting Championships2003.09.24 - 09.28India > New Delhi
4th Sub-Junior and 22nd Junior IPF World Powerlifting Championships2004.09.08 - 09.12South Africa > Pretoria
5th Sub-Junior and 23rd Junior IPF World Powerlifting Championships2005.09.07 - 09.11United States > Fort Wayne
6th Sub-Junior and 24th Junior IPF World Powerlifting Championships2006.09.05 - 09.09Bulgaria > Sofia
7th Sub-Junior and 25th Junior IPF World Powerlifting Championships2007.09.03 - 09.08France > La Garde
8th Sub-Junior and 26th Junior IPF World Powerlifting Championships2008.09.01 - 09.06South Africa > Potchefstroom
9th Sub-Junior and 27th Junior IPF World Powerlifting Championships2009.09.06 - 09.13Brazil > Ribeirao Preto
10th Sub-Junior and 28th Junior IPF World Powerlifting Championships2010.08.28 - 09.04Czech Republic > Pilsen
11th Sub-Junior and 29th Junior IPF World Powerlifting Championships2011.08.30 - 09.04Canada > Moose Jaw
12th Sub-Junior and 30th Junior IPF World Powerlifting Championships2012.08.28 - 09.02Poland > Szczyrk
13th Sub-Junior and 31st Junior IPF World Powerlifting Championships2013.08.26 - 09.01United States > Killeen
14th Sub-Junior and 32nd Junior IPF World Powerlifting Championships2014.09.01 - 09.06Hungary > Oroshaza
15th Sub-Junior and 33rd Junior IPF World Powerlifting Championships2015.08.31 - 09.06Czech Republic > Prague
16th Sub-Junior and 34th Junior IPF World Powerlifting Championships2016.08.29 - 09.03Poland > Szczyrk
17th Sub-Junior and 35th Junior IPF World Powerlifting Championships2017.08.27 - 09.03United States > Orlando
18th Sub-Junior and 36th Junior IPF World Powerlifting Championships2018.09.02 - 09.08South Africa > Potchefstroom
19th Sub-Junior and 37th Junior IPF World Powerlifting Championships2019.08.26 - 08.31Canada > Regina
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Latest Records

Weightlifting WR
Men 96kg Clean and Jerk 231kg

Weightlifting WR
Men 67kg Snatch 155kg

Weightlifting WR
Women 49kg Snatch 95kg

Weightlifting WR
Women +87kg Snatch 147kg
LI Wen Wen CHN

Weightlifting WR
Women 76kg Total 278kg
RIM Jong Sim PRK

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