Clean and Jerk

The Clean and Jerk is a lift that the barbell is first lifted from the ground to shoulder level (the Clean), then it is lifted overhead (the Jerk). It is a more powerful lift. When the barbell is cleaned and jerked, it is allowed to bend the knees and stand up. But the arms must be extended when the barbell is jerked overhead and further shoulder pressing is not permitted.

One can choose the split style or the squat style to do the Clean and the Jerk.

Nowadays most weightlifters do the Clean with squat style because it is more effective. The Squat Clean is simpler than the Split Clean and the vertical travel of barbell can be shortened in deep squat position. The Power Clean is a Clean when the barbell is caught high in quarter or half squat position. It is usually used in training.

When doing the Jerk most weightlifters use the split style. Because the center of gravity is high during the Jerk, the split style provides a larger supporting area to save the lift if the center of gravity deviates. The Power Jerk is a Jerk when the barbell is jerked in quarter or half squat position. It is simple and requires a small movement of feet. But it needs good accuracy, flexibility and balance to support and stabilize the barbell. The Full Squat Jerk is a Jerk when the barbell is jerked in deep squat position. It is simple and the barbell can be supported overhead even if the barbell is not driven high enough. However, it requires very flexible shoulder joints and powerful legs. High accuracy, flexibility and balance are also important.

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